The wuxia genre is enormously popular with the Chinese speaking community, but it is relatively unknown among English speakers.

Because of the limited market there are very few good official translations available, most of them are abridged, or use direct translations to English, which don’t really read very well.

However, thanks to the internet, there are communities of English speakers who are interested in wuxia, and several people have posted annotated translations of the books on online forums.

I started converting existing translations to eBook format to be read on Kindle/ iPad. I thought that others might find the format convenient, so with the permission of the translators, I have posted the eBook conversions here.
Chinese Pen Name
Mandarin Pinyin Pen Name
Jin Yong
Gu Long
Liang Yusheng
Wen Ruian
Huang Yi
Wang Dulu

The goals of the site are
  • To create a repository of all the available fan translations for downloading and sharing.
  • To identify and translate those works which are not yet translated.
We are always looking for volunteers, either as a translator or an editor (which doesn't need Chinese). If you have any interest, please get in touch